International travel photographer, Sandra Laurin spends 6 months a year in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico where she teaches  Travel Photography workshops. She is a Canadian photographer who has been fortunate to travel the world to meet and interact with its people.

Her passion is to learn about different cultures, customs, and environments. Her “focus” is to interact with locals and share in their daily lives and celebrations and raise awareness of the social issues facing so many who live in impoverished conditions. She tries to capture images that show the universal emotions of love, joy, pride, and friendship, to illustrate that people all over the world share the desire to live in peace and love with our families and friends.

Sandra is a travel photographer and adventurer who has travelled to 56 countries to photograph the people, their culture, customs, and the environment.   She has delivered numerous presentations following her volunteer photography projects with Photographers Without Borders in Ecuador, as well as Ghana and Mexico.

Photographs from her exhibit and project “Human Trafficking in Thailand” were included in the 2012 document on Trafficking of Persons, issued by the US Secretary of State, John Kerry.

Her work has been included in several group exhibits, magazines and books.  She won the Nikon competition for Colour in our World 2014, the Kaya Responsible Travel award in 2012, and was honored in several camera club contests.

She was an educator for 30 years.  Now retired,  Sandra continues to share her love of photography by leading photo workshops in San Miguel and Toronto.  As a retired teacher, she not only has technical photo skills but also is able to pass that information to others in a clear and fun manner.

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